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[美国] 哪种是更健康的碳水化合物?米饭还是面条? [美国媒体]

发表于 2018-2-9 11:08:14 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
Not saying a lot of carbs are healthy but which is better in general? rice or noodles?



–]YouShouldBeWriting 2 指標 6小時前
The less processed a food source the "better". However " better" is very ambiguous. However in a Chinese context "better" may mean less chance of dodgy Chemicals and/or processes that may result in high number of metals/toxins etc in the rice and or noodles.


Which one is more healthy? Ugh.. both are fine.. the body does not recognice "oohh he ate rice" or "damn he ate noodles". It recognizes carbs (prot and fat). Carbs are carbs. However they are processed differently - E.g. if eaten with fat source protein source % of fiber in the meal etc.
Anyway./ Long story sort. Both are fine.


[–]happyguy604[S] 1 指標 5小時前
Thanks for your input
What do you think about the rice vs wheat? Is one more digestible than the other?
Doesn't wheat (noodles in china) turn into sludge that is harder to pass out whereas rice passes through much better because it's less processed?


By the way I'm not one of those anti gluten Celiac disease people. Glad that didn't catch on in China lol


[–]fleetwoodd 1 指標 5小時前
Fried rice or steamed rice? Fried noodles or boiled noodles?


[–]AONomad 1 指標 5小時前
This is completely anecdotal but I've been on heavy carb gym diets before and I always feel much better if I eat a balance of carbs instead of an excess of a single type. (I was eating just potatoes and pasta for a while because I like them more but eventually started to feel sick and was less bloated and tired when I rotated in rice lentils beans and others).


So I would advise against just eating rice or just eating noodles on account of one being healthier. If you're really intent on choosing probably go with rice since it's lower on glycemic index. I don't know enough about that to give you reliable instructions though so probably do your own research.


[–]happyguy604[S] 2 指標 4小時前
Not all rices are equal. From my own research shorter grain rice from dongbei which brothers tend to eat has a high rating in the glycemic index whereas longer grain rice from the south has lower
Basmati is healthier than both but you gotta get it from taobao if you really want it. I doubt any Chinese restaurant will have basmati. I have seen one restaurant in Shenyang carrying some kind of purplee whole grain rice though


[–]Harvestfund 1 指標 3小時前
Rice by far if you’re comparing to wheat noodles. Wheat contains gluten and WGA both can cause leaky gut and cross the blood brain barrier through the vagus nerve. Leaky gut will lead to other health problems like autoimmune diseases. Gluten and WGA in the brain will cause brain fog. Brown rice can also contain lectins that cause leaky gut but white rice has very few. Make sure to wash your rice before cooking to remove the arsenic on the outside. Unwashed rice can cause arsenic poisoning if eaten everyday.


[–]shenzhenren 1 指標 1小時前
I've always viewed white rice as the worst of carbs since they have very little nutritional benefit and is more likely to spike your blood sugar. Better to eat brown rice or some other rice you can find in most supermarkets.


[–]PATGUIMongolia -1 指標 5小時前
White rice gives stomach cancer.



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